Modelling Clay Lesson Guide

What is Modelling Clay?

Modelling clay is a fun craft resource that will leave you having hours of fun twisting, shaping and moulding this soft material.

Tips before you start!

  • Work Surface: always set out your work surface first! Lay down a piece of wax paper/baking paper on a hard flat surface.
  • Keep your colours clean: washing your hands between clay colours will help keep the colours clean and keep them from mixing with bits of leftover clay on your hands. 
  • You can mix your own colours by adding a blob of one colour to another and rolling them together!
  • When you’re done, remember to store in an airtight container as the clay will dry out if left uncovered.


Basic Techniques

Making a ball: roll the clay in a circular motion in the palm of your hands to form a ball for basic building.

Making a cone shape: make a ball of clay and then place it on your work surface and with one or two fingers roll one side of the ball to form a point.

Rainbow Snake Pot

  1. Condition the clay.
  2. Roll out a piece of clay thinly, this will act as your base.
  3. Curl the clay into your first snake to form the base of the pot.

4. Roll out different coloured clay into thin long rolls.

5. Curl each snake around the pot to create different colouredtiers.

6. Repeat until you’re happy with the different colours.

Snail Clay Modelling!

Follow this link to follow an amazing step-by-step guide on creating a snail out of modelling clay: https://video.link/w/UPU4c

Submit your work!

If any assistance is needed please feel free to email us on admin@owllearners.com.au
I would LOVE to see your completed Art works!

Parents Information

  • Children feed off encouragement. Positively comment on their work and make a big deal out of it. Hang them up around the house, on the fridge, in their room, in your home office.
  • Make them feel like artists!