Pipe Cleaner Flower Bouquets

Step 1 – Place Three Pipe Cleaners on Top of Each Other

  • To make pipe cleaner daffodils, use yellow, orange, and green pipe cleaners. 
  • Start your flower by laying three yellow pipe cleaners on top of each other in a star pattern (an X, with one pipe cleaner in the middle).
  • The colours do not need to be specific, use whichever ones you’d like!

Step 2 – Secure the Pipe Cleaners Together

Bend the pipe cleaners around each other to secure them together. Make sure that you maintain the same star shape.

Step 3 – Spiral One of the Sides to the Center

Pick a side of the pipe cleaner star and start spiralling it into the center of the flower. Make sure to keep the spiral tight.

Step 4 – Repeat Spirals With All Sides

Continue to spiral all pipe cleaners to the center of the flower. It’s okay if they overlap a little bit.

Step 5 – Attach Stem to Flower

  • Use a green pipe cleaner to make a stem for your flower.
  • Attach the stem to the flower by bending it over the center of the flower where the pipe cleaners are connected.
  • Twist to secure.

Step 6 – Cut Pipe Cleaners for Centre Part of Flower

To make the middle piece of your daffodil, you will need a small piece of pipe cleaner. Use scissors to cut the orange pipe cleaner into a third of its length.

Step 7 – Coil Center Part of Flower

  • Start by making a small spiral (about the size of your pinky tip) with the pipe cleaner.
  • Then start wrapping the pipe cleaner in a coil, building on top of the small spiral. It should look like a mini bowl or cup.
  • The length of this coil should be about a half inch

Step 8 – Attach Center to Flower

The center can be attached to the flower base by using glue or twisting or squeezing the two parts together to allow the wires to intertwine.

Step 9 – Repeat steps to make a bouquet

Although one flower is nice, a bouquet will always look better. If you plan on displaying your flowers in the garden add some more to the bunch by repeating the previous steps.

Use different colours!

Take care of your belongings

  • It is a privilege to be able to use the materials in your kit. Make sure you take care of it.
  • Clean up any mess that you may have created.

Submit your work!

  • If any assistance is needed please feel free to email me on admin@owllearners.com.au
  • I would LOVE to see your completed Art works!

Parents Information

  • Children feed off encouragement. Positively comment on their work and make a big deal out of it. Hang them up around the house, on the fridge, in their room, in your home office.
  • Make them feel like artists!