Creative Inspiration

Landscape Painting

History of Landscape Painting Landscape painting has been around for over 500 years. It is painting the natural scenery which may capture mountains, valleys, bodies


The art of beautiful writing The word ‘calligraphy comes’ from the Greek word ‘Kalligrophos’ meaning “person who writes beautifully”. Calligraphy is as old as writing

Colour with Leaves — Crayons

What do you see? Which colours can you see? Which materials have been used to create these? Have any colours overlapped to make new colours?

Crayon Leaf Rubbings

This leaf art project is quite simple. You’ll need crayons. Make sure you have at least one crayon that you don’t mind removing the wrapper

Pipe Cleaner Flower Bouquets

Step 1 – Place Three Pipe Cleaners on Top of Each Other To make pipe cleaner daffodils, use yellow, orange, and green pipe cleaners.  Start

Modelling Clay Lesson Guide

What is Modelling Clay? Modelling clay is a fun craft resource that will leave you having hours of fun twisting, shaping and moulding this soft

Create a Cereal Box Aquarium

This cereal box aquarium craft is a great one for encouraging creativity! Kids can choose how they want to decorate their aquarium, what coloured fish and what